CTA Electronics

Italian Excellence in Industrial Electronics

Electronics and electromechanical assemblies

A complete manufacturing service that's reliable and timely

Electronics design and hardware development

We design electronics with a focus on efficiency and manufacturability of the resulting product

Dedicated electronic controls

Industrial controls that are robust, reliable, easily programmed and with the bet user experience on the market

Firmware and software development

We develop with state of the art technology stack and deep industry experience

We manufacture industrial electronics and we offer electronic assembly and electromechanical assembly services

From the assembly of electronic boards to electromechanical assemblies of various kinds, we operate as a Production Partner of esteemed companies active in various industries and we offer 360 ° support. From the purchase of raw materials, to on-line assembly, to the functional testing process, up to outbound logistics with shipment to destination: the experience gained and our specific knowledge allow us to manage each phase with care and with the utmost efficiency, in order to guarantee consistent, reliable and extremely punctual production results.

We design industrial electronics that will offer you its finest, always

The perfect blend of engineering and creativity produces solutions that aren't only practical and efficient, but also able to transform the complex technologies of the electronics field into something accessible and thoroughly enjoyable. The microprocessors-based systems that CTA designs and provides can guarantee two things: reliable performances and unique user experience. At CTA, we make geat use of the ability to abstract, peculiar to the human kind, and we believe in building inuitive solutions to complex tasks.

We specialise in industrial electronics. We provide electronics manufacturing services and contract manufacturing services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions.

From boards assembly to complex electromechanical assemblies, we provide our Customers with a complete manufacturing service that's solid, realiable and timely.

Electronic boards assembly in SMT and PTH

We assemble electronics in SMT and PTH, offering a full contract manufacturing service with complete mananagement of production orders, from materials procurement to outbound logistics.

Electromechanical assemblies and box builds

We perform electromechanical assemblies that range for easy to complex and we carry out specifications-based functional tests and audits on each assembly.

Conformal coating for electronics

We leverage automatic machinery for selective roboting coating and we provide coating services for electronics boards in batches of any size.

Our development team specialises in electronics hardware design, in firmware development on micros and in software development

We specialise in industrial electronics design and we offer design and development services ranging from hardware design to firmware development, from software development to mobile app development for remote management of electronics devices.

Electronics design and hardware development

We combine top class knowledge with creative vision and with a genuine commitment to offer our Clients a development experience that's satisfying and result-driven in any phase.

Firmware development

Firmware development on microcontrollers and microprocessors allows to program a microchip to perform any task in a safe, precise way and in a resource-saving manner.

Software development

We design and develop software that enriches electronics and provides our Customers with desktop, web and mobile applications for convenient on-site or remote management of their electronic devices.

The best alternative to industrial PLCs? Our electronic controls. Dedicated electronics that manage processes and states in a safe, precise and totally reliable way.

The vast experience in industrial electronics and the creativity we invest in each project allow us to create top-of-the-range electronic controls, which perform best in any situation and which represent the most efficient and most distinctive alternative to industrial PLCs.

Hera Laundry, touch screen electronic control for industrial washing machines

The most advanced electronic control for industrial washing machines on the market: intuitive, high-performance, programmable via a mobile app and with an analysis suite on costs, productivity and consumption of the entire washing process.

Fiber EL6, electronic control for industrial washing machines with physical keypad

The Fiber EL6 control has made the history of industrial washing machines on three continents and is now available in an updated version, directly from the manufacturer.

Relay board with digital and analog I/O and Modbus protocol

High performance I/O relay boards, with Modbus protocol to manage communication with PLCs, logic devices and other predisposed electronic devices.

Temperature probes for electronics

Robust and reliable temperature probes, ready to use and suitable to be integrated into the majority of electronic systems and applications.

Many can provide you with the functionality of electronics. But the magic of electronics? Well, that's a different story.

Experience allows for our deep, reliable know-how

Creativity allows us to make our work unique and precious

Courage sparks our desire of a challange and amplify the impact of our projects

Vision feeds us, keeps us united and guides us towards ambitious achievements

Industrial electronics is what our history is made of.

For us, essential and innate elements are passion, a strong desire for knowledge and the courage to innovate

We've been passionate about electronics since the very early days of it. We felt the desire to create, we felt the desire to produce electronics based products that we envisioned used by people to enhance machines, to create processes, to improve results. Ultimately, to create better experiences for anyone who would need to perform something, no matter if a single action or a sequence of a million. For us, industrial electronics contains something we'll never stop to call magic.

We provide

Expert Engineering Process

Robust Electronics Know-How

In-house Manufacturing

Strong focus on User Experience

Thoughtful Graphic Design

In-house development of web and mobile applications

Deployable IoT

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