Firmware Development

Coding programs, logics and routines on worldclass microcontrollers

A firmware is a dedicated piece of software that runs on a microcontroller. The functions it can assolve have no limits: from a simple recipe execution to the most complex and intricated routines, there's nothing that can't be achieved firmware-wise.

1 - We focus on the overall logic to provide structure

2 - We keep the code clean and well-documented at any stage

3 - We ensure stability and a structure that can scale

Are you ready to experience one of the most effective firmware development process with CTA?

Firmware is the quintessential element of embedded systems: special-purpose electronics that can accomplish everything

From process execution, to controlling variables and inputs, up to sophisticated interactions with electro-mechanical parts, building embedded electronics for Customers means providing them with a dedicated computational unit that performs anything they want it to, in a very safe and secure environment. As a plus, our embedded products are usually nothing ordinary: whether it be for a richer and modern UI, a faster recipe execution, an added safety routine, an embedded system engineered by CTA will guarantee a unique performance.

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