Fiber EL6

Controller for On Premises Laundry Equipment

Since 1993, the EL6 for Industrial Laundry has been the most popular choice for Laundry OEMs to guarantee efficiency and a top-of-mind approach to detailed programming, which has become the signature feature enjoyed by laundry operators in over 35+ countries and 3 continents.

Membrane keypad and 16x1 LCD display

Integrated filters for extreme stability

Internationalization with 4 languages available

Programmable directly or via PC

Power I/O board available in four versions

The history of Industrial Laundry Automation

A product with a strong past, brought into the future with improved speed and performance. All the while, maintaining its well-loved work flow and its powerful configuration.

The Fiber EL6 controller has a history of worldwide success: since the very easily days, it was adopted by the vast majority of Industrial and Commercial Laundry Equipment Manufacturers in Europe, America and Asia. Thanks to the extensive programmability of this controller, any Laundry operator across the globe can create their own special washing recipes and create highly customized configurations for their washing equipment. With Fiber EL6, creating a long-lasting and concrete competitive advantage is a breeze.

Preconfigured kit to allow for a complete and easy installations in any environment


The CPU represents the mind of the entire system and it's programmable without the use of any programming language. Wash programs are composed by cycles, which in turn are composed by steps. The scope of this programming pyramid (programs > cycles > steps) is to allow to plan an infinite number of integrated functions: this way, the CPU has perfect control of the washing machine in which it is installed and it can predefine the right reactions to any incoming event.

EL6 Power Board

Available in four versions: 230V 24 relays, 230V 16 relays, 24V 24 relays, 24V 16relays. The number of relays corresponds to the number of outputs, which in turn represents the maximum number of possible functions. Just as the CPU represents the mind of the system, the Power Board represents the executive unit and, according to this role, its main task is to execute the instructions coming from the CPU.

EL6 Temperature Sensor

Pluggable on the power board, ready to use. Through the temperature sensors, it is possible to verify and keep monitored over time the temperature level of a specific enviroment or element (for example, water). The signal containing the temperature level is generated by the sensor and it is then forwarded to the Power Board, which in turn proceeds in converting that signal into an input for the CPU. The CPU then starts specific reactions that were defined during the programming phase.

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