Affidaci la produzione e l'assemblaggio delle tue schede elettroniche.

Receive a quick and personalized quotation for your pcb assembly

Receive a quick and personalized quotation

Use the following form to send us the bill of materials (BOM), the gerber files and any information that you consider relevant on your electronic boards. In a short time you will receive a quote of the pcb assembly service, customised on your specific needs in terms of volume and technology.

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PCB assembly with SMT technology

SMT technology has become the most widespread in the electronics industry. SMDs have the characteristic of miniaturization, which makes it possible to considerably reduce the size of the printed circuits and thus reduce the bulkiness of the assembled products, while maintaining performance and stability. Our production team regularly manages SMT orders with competence and know-how, allowing us to offer a reliable and guaranteed assembly service.

PCB assembly with with PTH technology

The technology PTH - pin through hole - requires, unlike surface mounting, that the pins of the components pass through the printed circuit, through the appropriate holes. The assembly is carried out on production line by specialized operators and each phase is supervised by experienced personnel in electronic assembly. PTH orders follow the same management phases as SMT orders and benefit from our guaranteed delivery policy: punctuality of delivery is a criterion that we strictly observe.

Complete Manufacturing Service

The complete manufacturing service implies that the raw materials and component parts of the electronic boards to be assembled are purchased and managed by CTA, who counts on excellent relationships with important players in the electronic distribution field in Italy, Europe and Asia. The full manufacturing service represents the most widespread and most chosen form of collaboration by Customers, who can thus enjoy the numerous benefits associated with the complete outsourcing of their production.

Basic Assembly Service

The basic assembly service implies that the raw materials and electronic components are purchased and managed by the Customer, who provides them to CTA Electronics before pcb assembly order goes into production. The responsibility of the supply chain of all the electronic components is, in this case, entirely of the Customer, who undertakes to supply promptly and on time the raw materials necessary to start and carry out the production order.

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