Hera Laundry, Electronic Control for Washing Machines

The most advanced controller for Premium Laundry Equipment

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Hera Laundry - Electronic Control for Washing Machines

Laundry Equipment Manufacturers are now searching for a strong and stable competitive advantage and they aim at providing experiences connected to their products and services. Experience is the new value, and Hera for Laundry Equipment is the solution.

Interactive touchscreen interface, rich in UI, so intuitive that it makes manuals a thing of the past

User experience is enhanced by the most thoughtful and creative UI on the market

Anyone standing in front of a washing machine that mounts Hera will know what to do in an instant

An entire laundry controller that says goodbye to overwhelm, complexity and tiresome interfaces

Premium quality hardware, as well as premium quality firmware. Every detail falls into place like magic

History of Hera: the dream of a simple innovation for industrial laundry equipment

The most advanced controller for Industrial Laundry Equipment was born from the desire to offer an important technological advancement to the industry of laundry, with a particular focus on on-premises laundries or OPL. This advancement was meant to be transformative yet very easy for the people to use and very immediate in its results. For months we pursued the objective of moving the industry forward, towards a technologial propulsion that would guarantee not only a better product, but also a more fluid and satisfaying work experience for the millions of operators enganed in industrial washing processes all over the world. So, we developed a user experience with no rivals in the industry, taking away all complexity and tansferring only the right amount of information at the right time. So, we designed an I/O board that’s very easy to connect to the washing machines and that is robust enough to guarantee its job for years. So far, we can state that we have created an industrial laundry controller that transforms the washing routine into a fluid and enjoyable experience, supported by an advanced technology that hides its complexity and offers in return immediacy of use and guaranteed results.