We're very active in the following industries

We provide electronics products, systems and services to a wide variety of industries, counting some of the world most reknown OEMs among our Customers.

Industrial Automation and Processes

We produce electronics systems entirely dedicated to the automation of industrial processes and flows, giving extra care to providing human-machine interfaces that allow machines to leverage efficiency and people to leverage effectiveness.

Industrial Laundry, Vended and OPL

We develop controllers and embedded systems for Laundry Equipment, providing both process control and user interface. These systems can be stand-alone or with network and internet connection to allow centralised and remote control through dedicated smart applications.

Vending Industry and Coffee Machines

We provide electronics systems for vending machines, using robust protocols such as MDB to connect to external payment systems. With full machine operation we also provide analytics and usage tracking.

Industrial Kitchens, Hot and Cold Equipment

With a particular focus on industrial fridges, freezers and ovens, we provide a range of embedded controllers powered by user interfaces that reduce the chance of errors for the operator.

Glass Washing

We develop embedded systems aimed at managing, executing and monitoring the entire industrial process of glass washing. From water level management, to valves control, to complete washing recipe execution, every step of the process is fully taken care of.

Mecha(tron)nics Industry

We design and produce electronics boards for mechatronics applications, such as cobots and motion-control devices. We also specialize in developing intelligent electronics units for mechanical products, bridging the gap between mechanics and electronics.

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