Electronics Design: a blend of science and creativity

We develop electronics that delivers and delights

Who said engineers can't be artists too?

CTA blends expert technical knowledge with creative vision and a genuine propensity to providing delightful experiences. We thoroughly enjoy the process of creation and we believe our Customers should enjoy the use of electronics at least twice as much.

At the core of every electronics design project we undertake there's a non-negotiable why: providing the most effective and delightful solution, and allowing our Customers to have a brilliant time with us while we do so.

While we take for granted the quality of the outcome, we strive to guarantee an impeccable process experience.

1 - We bond with the Customer over the rising project

We devote all the time necessary to listening to the Customer's perspective on the rising project. By leveraging our expertise, we usually give a solid help in defining precisely the main project outlines.

2 - We build knowledge on the specific application field

While we inherently provide our technical electronics know-how, we also build knowledge around the specific application field we need to design the product for. Customers are often times more than happy to take an active part in this sprint step and we are always ready to join forces.

3 - We get strategic about the result we need to target

Over the course of this sprint, we brainstorm with the Customer over a few important questions. The road map gets official, the final product specifications get co-signed and everyone is fully committed.

4 - We put our techincal and creative skills to work

Superior electronics contains something we'll never stop to call magic and we're backed up by a pool of engineers that actually do wonders when they get to work.

5 - We test and we get approval from QST

At this point, we prove to the entire world how every part of the design connects smoothly to the others and our full design outcome gets validated by our rigourous QST (Quality Supervising Team).

6 - We provide prototypes and plan production

We deliver prototypes, often times in person. We stick to the Customers side during validation and we often celebrate together. The rest, then, can be found in our Customers success stories.

The Best Design Process for your Next Project?

Design for Manufacturing/Assembly

In electronics, the design for manufacturing approach provides as an output an electronic product or system that can be physically produced within the easiest and smoothest manufacturing process. The focus of manufacturing allows to reduce complexity in the production process by anticipating it and solving it in the designing phase, which allows for an easier configuration of the production line or simply easier manufacturing operations.

Design for Procurement

The market of electronics components is often very volatile and subject to frequent variations, which makes the procurement of electronics materials a rather challenging aspect. Designing electronics for procurement is an approach to electronics design that allows to take into consideration relevant information about the most important components in use, such as their availability on the supply chain and their regular economic value. Opting for some components over others can propel, and often times guarantee, much better purchasing conditions.

Design for Excellence

Our favourite approach among all the options available, it delivers results that aim to be transformative for the industry they're targeted at. A vast blend of expertise is required to reach the objective and the assigned team is often populated by engineers, designers, user experience experts alike. The overall project timeline often stretches over the one year mark, but once the time-to-market is agreed upon, every project sprint is planned for and executed accordingly.

Design for the Internet of Things

The blend of Industrial Electronics and Information Technology is incredibly powerful. The entire IoT system revolves around internet-based infrastructures that allow for levels of connectivity unseen before. Our own take on SCADA and digital HMI is proudly based on robust, modern and efficient technology stacks. Cloud architectures, web and mobile apps and the latest trends around desktop softwares? We have you covered.

Interested in Electronics that simplifies and enhances?

Have your next Project taken care by us at CTA and we'll get real results on your table sooner than you would expect.

Interested in the IOT and User Applications?

Whether it being a destkop, web or mobile application, you can experience the luxury of controlling your devices or systems from far away.

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