Experts In Industrial Electronics

We design and manufacture electronic boards as well as complex electronics systems blending Engineering and Creativity

We are passion, knowledge and commitment. We are dreamers. We are tireless doers.

We've been passionate about electronics since the very early days of it. We felt the desire to create, we felt the desire to produce electronics based products that we envisioned used by people to enhance machines, to create processes, to improve results. Ultimately, to create better experiences for anyone who would need to perform something, no matter if a single action or a sequence of a million. We've then grown and shaped ourselves into a company that will always be very true to its origins. We'll never forget the initial spark, the early dreams, the adventurous path that made us what we are very proud to have become. After all, superior electronics contain something we'll never stop to call magic.

We work in alignment with our Customers supported by shared values that we feel are true to our core beliefs, and that somehow impermeate every project we start, every meeting we host and every decision we make together.

We believe in commitment

Nothing is quite like the feeling of taking on a new, exciting project. Once we do so, we devote all of our energy, our commitment and our passion into every step of the process.

We value long term fulfillment

From the very first interaction to the Ten-Year-Partnership party and so on, we stand side by side with our Customers, building together a long term relationship based on reciprocal fulfillment and genuine human interactions.

We believe in innovation

We've made of continuous improvement a staple, both in our long-term strategy and in our day to day operations. This approach leads us to be inherently and genuinely open and curious about purposeful innovation and meaningful shifts in technology.

Discover our products and services

Our core is strong and our products provide tangible values to Customer all over the world.


World's most advanced controller for Laundry Equipment


The history of operative control for Industrial Laundry Equipment

Modbus I/O Boards

Manufacturing capabilities and expertise, with direct supply chain management


From embedded firmware to complete applications for remote interactions

Electronics Engineering

From electronic hardware design to entire electronic system development

Electronics Manufacturing

Manufacturing capabilities and expertise, with direct supply chain management

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