Contract Electronics Manufacturing

We embrace process semplification to ensure excellence in industrial electronics manufacturing

Manufacturing quality, delivered always on time.

The proven expertise in manufacturing, combined with our deep know-how in electronics, makes us a very safe choice for OEMs who need a reliable outsourcing solution.

Electronics PCB assembly in PTH and SMT

The core of contract electronics manufacturing is PCB assembly carried out with two different technologies, and often times with a combination of the two

  • PTH technology (Pin Through Hole)
  • SMT technology (Surface Mount Technology)
We specialise in both technologies and we are fully equipped for the assembly of medium batches, provided that we maintain a distinct level of flexibility that allows us to be efficient and competitive on smaller and larger batches too.

Electro-mechanical and box-build assembly

We take care of the integration of multiple electro-mechanical parts and components, through an assembly process that outputs our Customers finished products. The integration often involves sophisticated connections that require wiring looms expertise and a deep knowledge of the features of a medium-to-high complexity assembly. According to the complexity level, specific and well-documented procedures are set up, with specifically trained operators who are in charge of supervising the entire build assembly process.

To find out more, visit our guide on box-build and electro-mechanicals assemblies.

PTH electronics assemblies (Pin Through Hole Technology)

We manufacture and assemble electronics with the Pin Through Hole technology for Customers all over the world.

SMD electronics assemblies (Surface Mounting Technology)

We manufacture and assemble surface mounting electronics for Customers all over the world.

Box build and electro-mechanical finished product assembly

From cable wiring and box build to electro-mechanical products and finished product assembly

Supply chain management and outbound logistics

We take care of procuring the raw materials and part components and we also provide outbound logistics services, shipping directly to our Customers' Customers.

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