Bringing Excellence to the table in Contract Electronics Manufacturing


It's no secret that contract electronics manufacturing is equally a science and an art: procedures, flows and organizational schemes alone can guarantee quality, but are they enough to bring excellence to the table? In contract electronics manufacturing, excellence has become the new standard to be achieved, fulfilled and guaranteed in order to stand out from the competition and be able to constantly feed a long term competitive advantage. As a company, we embrace excellence wholeheartedly and for as long as ever, we've been developing new ways to transform our constant focus into effective benefits that our Customers can sense, feel, touch and ultimately enjoy for themselves. Here's something we've learned along the way.

Bringing excellence to the table requires a mindset upgrade

When a company embraces excellence, excellence stops being something one can easily compromise on and starts being the main target behind every step taken. In CTA Electronics, we treat excellence as it were our first Customer and we work to satisfy any underlying needs.

This shift in mindset leads to high standards and these high standards stand at the core of our own value proposition: products, services, experiences… anything created and offered by us shall have excellence as a signature.

Bringing excellence to the table means providing what's relevant for the industry

In contract electronics manufacturing excellence defies perfection. As an electronic manufacturing services provider, our core business solidly stands on one of the most dynamic and fast paced industry you can ever imagine. Industrial electronics evolves quickly and often take giant steps in a very short amount of time. While other industries allow room for perfection-seeking - let's take as an example the company Ferrero, that put a piece of perfection into our homes in the form of Nutella jars - any wise company working in the electronics industry shall be aware of the fact that perfection is a myth not really leading anywhere. >Improvements, upgrades and skilled customization are the real metrics of this industry and the more advanced the excellence level of a product, the more successful these metrics can be.

Bringing excellence to the table means providing valuable products plus experiences

Electronics products often get all the attention, but how about the experience provided by the contract electronics manufacturer during every interaction, every meeting, every collaboration? The B2B is a complex environment and most often than not it requires strong synergies between companies operating over the same supply chain.

The ability to provide excellent experience alongside excellent products is a firm goal of ours and we know for certain that this focus plays a nice role in manifesting and completing our vision of excellence.

Further and more detailed information on how we actually deliver excellence can be found in the areas dedicated to:

Our Contract Electronics Manufacturing services
Our laundry control products
Our Finished Product Assembly and Contract Manufacturing for OEMs

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