Software Engineer

Talented Software Developer with a passion for app development

We're actively looking for a Software Developer to join our Development Team

Join our Development Team and start working on interesting projects from day one. We're open and supportive and we love new members that cannot wait to achieve great goals with us!

Technical Skills

  • Fluent in Javascript
  • Good knowledge of mobile-first frameworks

Attitude Traits

  • Being actively part of them team, exchanging ideas and openly discussing critical points
  • Being able to do concentrated "deep" work
  • Being proactive and solution-oriented
  • Being willing to learn new things and pick up new skills along the way

Personal Skills

  • Friendly, well-mannered and nice to people and colleagues
  • Willing to accept polite, constructive feedback and to give polite, constructive feedback

Spoken Languages

  • Fluent English
  • Fluent Italian

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