Laundry analytics, reports and automatic warnings

The productivity of an industrial laundry or OPL, is often times very diffucult to monitor and track. With Hera, this becomes a very easy task which is almost completely automated thanks to the algorythmic elaboration of the data from the controller and to the subsequent creation of tables and diagrams that are intuitive and very easy to read.

Examples of implemented reports

  • Washes run on a monthly basis, with indication of the ones completed successfully and of the ones that encountered errors
  • Errors occured within the month, with indication of the most common solution

Automatic advises/warnings

The system comes equipped with the feature of signalling, automatically, some specific parameters of events, like the following:

  • The maintenance status of the machine
  • Daily work target reach (in terms of hours or of number of washes run, according to the target set during the configuration phase)

The main scope of the analytics system is to replace the usual technical logs, often times complex and not as useful, with algorythms that provide the laundry managers with elaborated data, with a focus on the information that are especially relavant for the business. The graphic representation of data allows for an even more immediate usability, transforming the task of monitoring relevant information into an easy and more enjoyable activity.

By using the built-in report of the Hera laundry controller, the on-premise laundry manager can accomplish considerable time savings, deriving not only from the availability of relevant information for work flow organisation, but also from the simple way this information are presented in, which allows for immediate understanding and immediate follow-up action, if needed. The aim of an electronic controller for industrial laundry equipment is not only to manage and execute wash processes, but also to guarantee a far better work experience to anyone who is actually involved: from the laundry operator engaged with laundry load, to the laundry manager engaged with daily or weekly workflow planning.

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